"Hazel Monae: A Beacon of Ethical Leadership and Racial Equity"

Sep 12, 2023

Excited to spotlight Hazel Monae's outstanding contributions to the development of the Ethical Leadership curriculum. Soon, this innovative resource will be accessible to all my friends & professional networks. Here's a glimpse into Hazel's journey with WEFA and her insights as a Racial Equity & Leadership Development Practitioner.

"It’s hard to capture the pure joy I get when I think about the arc of my time being led by this beautiful organization, its leaders and its wisdom. I first found the Ethical Leadership curriculum through my time as a graduate student at Boston University School of Theology. I suppose it was just the right time because it was there that I would take the step from understanding leadership as simply a role and move to understanding ethical leadership as the embodiment of the principles and practices of what it means to be truly human--to be truly alive in this work and in this world. Now I get to spend time with the curriculum in a way that has transformed how I see the world. It is an honor to be gifted the opportunity to steward and share a curriculum that supports organizations and community partners to move to their highest selves--to raise up a body of leaders that will hold us, stand with us and stand for us in the time that is now and in the time that is to come.

The spaces where this ethical leadership curriculum has reached in my own life and where I have witnessed it reach into the lives of so many others are insurmountable. Over the past 6 years, I have been able to leverage the wisdom of the Ethical Leadership framework and tools in myriad ways that support the deepening of racial equity practices in a variety of sectors including non-profit, philanthropy, education and for-profit groups. My most recent work focuses on developing and implementing aligned equity visions & Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Action plans for City Government. Drawing on my work with Walter Earl Fluker & Associates, I have sharpened my skills as a racial equity & leadership development practitioner grounded in community organizing principles.

While I cannot possibly begin to name all the ways this organization has changed my work and life, I know that as long as I live into the wisdom and embody the spirit of what it means to be an ethical leader who stands at the intersections where worlds collide, I can trust that every ear that needs to hear it, every heart that needs to receive it and every person who needs to hold it will possess that same spirit/wisdom and move it forward. For that, I am immensely grateful."